Month: June 2017

We Be Jammin’ – Hacienda Maize Jammin’ Jelly

I just discovered Hacienda Maize Jammin' Jelly. It quite possibly might be the most delicious jalapeno jelly I’ve ever tired. And not just one, but three! "Spicy, tart, sweet…yummy!” That’s how Hacienda Maize describes their jellies. I’d call them piquantly pleasant!  I recently discovered this incredible company and their outstanding Fire-roasted Chile Jammin’ Jelly.  Hacienda Maize has been a...
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Fast and Easy Green Chile

green chile bowl
This weekend, I couldn’t help myself. I had to have it!  So, I roasted a few poblano peppers and away I went.  For my green chile I start with ground pork.  Though traditionally a pork roast is used, I find that using ground pork makes this recipe fast and easy.  Perfect for weeknight dinner. First, roast the chiles. You can do this on an open flame if you have a gas range or you can crank yo...
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Fish Tacos…Did Someone Say Tacos?

fish taco with slaw
To whip these bad boys up, first make the slaw.   Mix store bought cabbage coleslaw mix and chopped cilantro with a dressing made from savory jelly and rice vinegar.  I used roasted garlic and onion jelly because it is what I had on hand, but you could use jalapeno jelly or whatever you have in your pantry.   Then, take diced red onion and sauté until soft.   ...
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One Fine Day

Lonnie Metzler and Warren Byrne
I had one fine day and quite an amazing week.  I’m very proud to share this article with you that tells just part of the story. Breaking Bread By Mike Wheaton I had the unique opportunity to meet with two vastly different, yet somewhat similar individuals in the food industry. One, a 40-plus year veteran radio personality, the other, an up-and-coming food blogger 30-plus years his jun...
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