Month: December 2017

Let Them Eat…Oysters!

Linton's Seafood Oysters
So, what do you do when your family tradition is to serve fresh Oysters on the half-shell during the holiday, but you live in a small town in the middle of Eastern Colorado? You fly them in fresh from Linton’s Seafood in Maryland! My husband was tired of driving allll the way to Denver just to get fresh seafood and oysters for the holidays. So, he did some digging and found Linton’s Seafood. Afte...
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6 Holiday Wines

bottles of red wine
Don’t forget the wine when planning your holiday party! One question: Is there truly a wine that pairs well with all of the flavors of a holiday meal? From appetizers to dessert there are several wines that will pair nicely with your meal from start to finish. Sparkling wines Sparkling wines are typically paired with the holidays. They bring elegance and sophistication to any meal...
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