Cinnamon Bun Roses

cinnamon bun
It’s a snowy Saturday morning at the farm and I’m hungry for warm cinnamon buns. What is it about a morning like this that makes me crave the taste of cinnamon? There is nothing like the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon buns wafting through the kitchen. The only thing is, making cinnamon rolls takes a lot of time! A quick and easy way to create delectable, warm cinnamon buns is to use biscui...
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Caprese Pasta

pasta dish caprese
Have you ever wanted to fix a caprese salad during the winter months but didn’t because you knew it wasn’t going to be any good? Without the bright juicy vine ripened tomatoes of summer, the whole idea just seem bland. Tomatoes in the winter can be downright tasteless! Well, what if I told you you’re wrong? The secret to brining out the flavor of tomatoes in the winter is to slow roast them. This...
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Let’s Celebrate with a Cheese Board…and Wine!

cheese board FWD
Let’s Celebrate with a Cheese Board…and Wine! My sister-in-law just got engaged! Time to celebrate. Soon everyone will be hosting parties for her and her fiancé, wining and dining them before their big day! We love to entertain! Whether it’s celebrating an engagement, promotion or just an excuse to get a bunch of friends together, entertaining is downright fun! It seems a cheese board is a welco...
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Let Them Eat…Oysters!

Linton's Seafood Oysters
So, what do you do when your family tradition is to serve fresh Oysters on the half-shell during the holiday, but you live in a small town in the middle of Eastern Colorado? You fly them in fresh from Linton’s Seafood in Maryland! My husband was tired of driving allll the way to Denver just to get fresh seafood and oysters for the holidays. So, he did some digging and found Linton’s Seafood. Afte...
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Thanksgiving Timeline: How to Get it All Done

thanksgiving table
Whether it is your first time hosting Thanksgiving or you have been hosting for years one thing is for certain, it is one holiday that you should plan ahead of time. This is a timeline of what you should do from next week until the BIG day! Once you have designed a menu, it’s time to begin preparing your timeline. If you aren’t sure where to begin here are some helpful ways to line out the next co...
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Food That Rocks

Last week I was honored to attend an event called Rock-a-Belly; hosted by Food For Thought, an organization focused on childhood hunger. The event catered to 600 people and featured musical guests, Chris Daniels & The Kings and the Hazel Miller Band.  Some of Denver’s best restaurants, breweries and distilleries were also on display. At a time when we are planning our Thanksgiving f...
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Simple Tips For A Plentiful Thanksgiving

Holiday Turkey
From appetizers to desserts, these simple tips  will help take the guesswork out of how to make your Thanksgiving table plentiful and your guests happy. Thanksgiving is just two weeks away!  If you haven't already started planning, shopping and possibly prepping, it's time to start!  Appetizers The amount of appetizers you serve depends on what you’re serving and what other foods you...
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Halloween Sugar Cookies

cookies halloween
It’s Halloween! We all know that a quintessential component of this day is a sweet treat! Cookies are by far one of my favorite things to bake, especially when the weather gets colder.  So what better way to celebrate than to get super sugarfied (is that a word?) than to eat cookies?  …before you eat all the candy the kids bring home, that is! Here’s a recipe for Halloween sugar cookies: For...
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Jazzed Up Mac and Cheese

jazzed up green chile mac
It is officially fall. Somehow I am always transported back to childhood when the weather begins to change.  Fall is back to school, new school clothes and cozy weekends watching football after church.  It truly is my favorite season of all.  As the colors of the trees change and I get busy baking in the kitchen, I feel cozy and peaceful. But, there’s something else that takes me back to my...
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Lunch With My New Best Friend

Mici Handcrafted Italian Family
Let me tell you about my new best friend Kim! Kim and I met while at a party celebrating Steve Ballas and his wife Linda.  You may remember these two from my previous post about Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs.  Anyway, while talking to her, Kim explained that she and her family own a few Italian restaurants in the Denver area called Mici Handcrafted Italian.  So...of course I had to ask her if I could sit ...
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