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Fairy Gardens to Inspire You

The tiny world of miniature gardens, or fairy gardens, has gained popularity over the last few years. These enchanting miniature worlds allow both the young and the young-at-heart a chance to create their own magical little world filled with pint-sized landscapes, fairy houses, cottages, furniture, fairies and gnomes. Creating one of these charming miniature gardens is easy. It’s a great way ...
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Transform Your Garden with Shade-Loving Plants

Filling container gardens or landscaping with shade-loving plants can be seem daunting, but choosing a mixture of flowering plants and ones with a variety of different foliage can turn the shadiest patches of your garden into charming and beautiful areas that just might become your favorite.   Now, I hate to say it, but I don’t have very many shady spots in my garden or flower beds. But my m...
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Plant These for Bees

If the thought of attracting bees to your garden makes you shake with fright, keep in mind that planting bee-friendly plants and flowers will provide you with a beautiful, colorful garden. I once read that bees pollinate one-sixth of the world’s flowering plants, making them one of nature's hardest working creatures! A variety of plants (for both sunny and shady places in your garden) that will a...
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