A Farmer’s Wife’s Life

A farmer’s wife’s life isn’t always what it may seem. Growing up on the front range of Colorado, I always wanted to live in the country.  I dreamt it was a romantic life.  The thought of ranching and growing luscious crops seemed something out of the movies.  Who wouldn’t want to live on a farm?

When I found the love of my life and learned he grew up in the country raising crops, I knew God had given me the greatest gift.  I was bound to live out my dream.

Farming is a way of life out here. There are ranchers, corn farmers, wheat farmers (like us) and people that raise other crops like Hershey – no it’s not chocolate, it is birdseed.

A Farmer's Wife
I like to be in the middle of it all!  Whether that be learning to drive a tractor or cooking a large meal for our harvest crew.   I learn new things every day.

My husband works full time for a large equipment company and also manages to find time to work in the fields and in the shop. (Shop: Not a place to go buy clothes or shoes.  I have learned that it means a VERY large building that holds lots of equipment and doubles as a mechanics workshop.  Basically, an extremely oversized garage!)  In the evenings when he gets home from work, my husband and I eat dinner, play with our daughter for a while and then he usually heads outside to work on something…anything!

I’ve come to know that almost every farmer you encounter doubles as a mechanic, equipment technician and machine operator; they can fix just about anything…wherever they are!  But most of all, they are hardworking, church going, loving husbands and fathers that want nothing else but to provide for their families.  Even if it means that they sacrifice a little sleep so that they get the work done long after the sun goes down and their babies are fast asleep.

What I’ve learned most of all is that my life has changed for the better. Far better than I ever imagined! I have worked harder than I ever thought possible, helping my husband and his father make this place run.

A farmer’s wife’s life isn’t always easy or glamorous, but it is a way of life that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world!

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  1. Lonnie, that was beautifully written. I admire you and if I could learn to be a smidge wonderful as you I’d be doing alright . I love you so much!

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