We Be Jammin’ – Hacienda Maize Jammin’ Jelly

I just discovered Hacienda Maize Jammin’ Jelly. It quite possibly might be the most delicious jalapeno jelly I’ve ever tired. And not just one, but three!

“Spicy, tart, sweet…yummy!” That’s how Hacienda Maize describes their jellies. I’d call them piquantly pleasant!  I recently discovered this incredible company and their outstanding Fire-roasted Chile Jammin’ Jelly.  Hacienda Maize has been awarded various gourmet food titles for their use of Jammin’ Jellies in everything from Chile Verde stew to chocolate truffles.  Most recently, Chef Brandon Durio earned top honors at the ACF culinary competition during Ag Day Colorado 2017 where he paired Colorado Lamb and Mira Sol Jammin’ Jelly.  Check out this video!  Furthermore, Hacienda Maize is looking forward to the results of the International Flavor Awards on June 30, 2017.

Courtesy of: Hacienda Maize

They offer three jellies, made with chiles and jalapenos grown in Pueblo, Colorado. The Jalapeno Jelly is spicy, yet it has a savoriness all its own; balanced by sweetness and a dynamic blend of spices.  The Jalapeno Diablo brings the heat along with subtle hints of exotic spices.  And, Mira Sol Verde which is on the milder side and is tangy; exploding with the fresh flavors of lime and cilantro.  They are all superbly wonderful!

If you’re like some, you may not like the idea of eating a somewhat savory, spicy yet sweet jelly. But when trying them for the first time, my husband said, “I don’t usually like spicy jellies, but I am delightfully impressed!”

Hacienda Maize’s website features several recipes including Chile Pepper Jelly Thumbprints, Curried Peanuts with Jammin’ Jelly and Hacienda Maize Curried Chicken Salad among others.

cookies hacienda maize
I gave the Chile Pepper Jelly Thumbprints a try.  You can find the recipe here. I thought this recipe was a daring pairing between a classic thumbprint cookie and fiery jelly. To say the least, these turned out splendidly.

I love everything that is sweet and savory and these cookies didn’t let me down.  The cookie itself is textured by the cornmeal and the jelly in the center is sticky and sweet.  But then BANG, it hits you! The powerful spice that is full of great flavor.  These will be perfect for our upcoming wheat harvest guests.

thumbprint cookies Hacienda Maize

Hacienda Maize has been making their jellies for decades and through three generations. Their passion for chiles and corn inspires what they do.  Try their jellies in Asian cooking sauces, as a marinade or even glazed over fresh corn on the cob.  Delish!

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