Review: 2014 Justin Cabernet Sauvignon

Justin Cabernet and Lonnie MetzlerA bold glass of Justin Winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon is like diving head first into a wine that flirts with perfection. Last weekend, I sat in my mother’s garden filled with blooms of bright, white Shasta daisies, honey bees dancing in the lavender and I enjoyed a pleasant summer evening sipping an audacious glass of red. Without a doubt it was a special way to enjoy a glass of wine and visit with family.

2014 Justin Cabernet SauvignonJustin and Deborah Baldwin are the owners of Justin Winery in Paso Robles, California. Their vineyards are located along the central coast of California.  Their wines have been ranked some of the finest wines in the world.  Though I am by no means a sommelier, in my mind they are the upmost connoisseurs of artisanal wine making.

The noteworthy 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon can only be described by ruby richness and classic flavors of cherry, blackberry and elegant floral notes. It has mouth-watering sumptuousness.  Undeniably this is a luxurious wine that is appropriately priced at $60.  Indeed a splurge, but worth every penny!

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  1. Thanks for posting about the cab Lonnie! I just tried the Justin cab franc (Justification) andI Isosceles last week… both were very delicious and special. I have yet to taste the cab, but now I will, thanks to your post! Keep them coming!

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