Review: Buried Cane Chardonnay

Yes, I’ll admit that I haven’t been entirely diverse when it comes to wine reviews. I could make excuses, but I’ll be honest. I just like what I like and pick what I know.  However, it was brought to my attention by a reader (and good friend) that I need to review wines from different regions.  The name of this reader will remain unknown, although you know who you are (wink wink).  So here’s to you, loyal fan.  Today I have chosen a wine from the Columbia Valley wine country: Buried Cane Chardonnay.  It is wonderful!

Chardonnay Buried Cane


Washington State wine country has warm summers and cold winters.  Because of this, there’s a longstanding, cold-climate wine growing technique used to protect grape vines from the harsh cold of winter.  Low-growing vine canes are pulled down and buried in the vineyard rows throughout the winter.  Then, when warmer temperatures resume, the vines are uncovered to assure a grape harvest.

Naturally, this wine is named after the time-honored wine growing practice. It is a dry white wine that I truly enjoyed as I tried it for the first time.  It is light and crisp.  It has an aroma of apples, pears and vanilla.  It tastes buttery and creamy.  I know, this is kind of a weird way to hear a wine described if you’ve never tried a chardonnay.  So, try it.  And close your eyes when you do…you’ll see what I mean.  As I sipped, I felt autumn approaching and I thought how perfect it would be paired with a warm comforting meal.  Perhaps with my Shepard’s pie.

Enjoy! Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you.  Until next time, cheers!

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