Sleepy Mommy!


So, this just happened!

Now, there’s nothing more annoying than having the dog bark just as you finally put the baby down for a nap! Actually, I can’t complain that much as I have a really, really, tolerant baby. She rarely flinches when he barks and can sleep pretty much anywhere. But, lately she hasn’t wanted to take a nap in the afternoon. Though she is only 7 weeks old, and we don’t have an established routine yet… but, we are trying! I will say that if she takes the afternoon nap she sleeps better at night. That isn’t to say she sleeps through the night, but she does sleep better.

I’ve heard that sleep promotes sleep. I also believe that an overly tired baby has trouble sleeping during the night.

As much as I would love to just do nothing at all but laugh and play and stare at my newborn, I would like for her to sleep for a little while in the afternoon…so I can too, haha! Hey, sleep when the baby sleeps, right?!

So thank you, Mr. Delivery Driver, for startling my dog, which startled my baby, which makes me a frustrated and sleepy mommy!

Until next time, cheers!

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