Lonnie Metzler

Cinnamon Bun Roses

cinnamon bun
It’s a snowy Saturday morning at the farm and I’m hungry for warm cinnamon buns. What is it about a morning like this that makes me crave the taste of cinnamon? There is nothing like the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon buns wafting through the kitchen. The only thing is, making cinnamon rolls takes a lot of time! A quick and easy way to create delectable, warm cinnamon buns is to use biscui...
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Let’s Celebrate with a Cheese Board…and Wine!

cheese board FWD
Let’s Celebrate with a Cheese Board…and Wine! My sister-in-law just got engaged! Time to celebrate. Soon everyone will be hosting parties for her and her fiancé, wining and dining them before their big day! We love to entertain! Whether it’s celebrating an engagement, promotion or just an excuse to get a bunch of friends together, entertaining is downright fun! It seems a cheese board is a welco...
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Man Meats Grill with Caleb Metzler: Steak 101

Caleb Metzler Man Meats Grill
Caleb Schmaelub: Steak 101 Caleb LOVES Steak!  He loves to cook everything from well...steak to blackened chicken alfredo.  When I asked Caleb to start writing some of his favorite recipes down for the blog, he said, "Hold my beer"!  Caleb holds his recipes close to the chest, so when he told me he wanted to do a video for his blogspot, Caleb Schmaelub,  I was excited.  So...
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Let Them Eat…Oysters!

Linton's Seafood Oysters
So, what do you do when your family tradition is to serve fresh Oysters on the half-shell during the holiday, but you live in a small town in the middle of Eastern Colorado? You fly them in fresh from Linton’s Seafood in Maryland! My husband was tired of driving allll the way to Denver just to get fresh seafood and oysters for the holidays. So, he did some digging and found Linton’s Seafood. Afte...
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Review: The Prisoner 2012

The Prisoner Wine Company’s  2012 red blend, is a mouth full of explosive fruit. It is not a subtle wine but and in-your-face red a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Savignon, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Charbon. Its bold with hints of black cherry, cinnamon and chocolate. This is a family favorite. In fact, each Christmas my husband treats the family to a magnum bottle for the table at Christmas...
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Easy Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers

easy slow cooker stuffed peppers
We all have that one meal that takes us home, for me it is my slow cooker stuffed peppers! For some it may be as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich and a warm bowl of tomato soup or maybe the quintessential comfort of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Whatever you desire, you're sure to love these! My mom has been making these for years, a recipe handed down to her from her mother that goes ba...
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