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As a new mom, I have come to love several things that make life easier with a newborn. If you’re a mom or about to become one, you have probably done as much research as you can to find the best-of-the-best when it comes to baby products.  When I was pregnant, I turned to a great website called Lucie’s List ( This site reviews everything baby!  Definitely check it out!  As many to-be moms, I wanted to make sure that when my little one arrived she and I would have everything she needed.  I registered for everything I thought I might need, including things that my friends suggested were their favorite things. 

A lot of things that I use every day are items that I knew I wanted to use, but there are also a few things that I happened to come across.  In no particular order, this is my list of top 10 baby items I like and use on a daily basis.  It’s a long list, so stick with me!

NoseFrida – The SnotSucker:

Yes, it sounds disgusting! When I first heard of this snot sucker thingy, I was pretty grossed out.  The thought of sucking snot out of my daughter’s nose was horrifying.  But, with the advice of a few friends and family members who have used it, I decided to give it a go.  I’ll tell you that it isn’t as gross as it may seem.  And, it works really, really well!  I use the NoseFrida every day. I highly recommend it!  Note: it works best if you use nasal saline drops..which brings me to my next favorite thing.

Little Remedies Noses – Saline Spray/Drops:

Before using the NoseFrida, drip a few drops of saline into your baby’s nose. This helps to flush and clean out that cute little baby nose. Find out more at

Ubbi Diaper Pail:

I wasn’t sure what to buy when it came to diaper pails, so I asked my friends, family and Lucie’s List what they use and like best. Hands down, most of them suggested the Ubbi Diaper Pail.  What I love about this diaper pail is that you can use regular kitchen trash bags.  And, it actually does keep the odor from escaping into the room. It’s a little pricey, but I absolutely recommend it!

Ubbi Pail2


Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer:

Bottle Sterilizer

I know what you’re thinking, microwaving plastic is dangerous! Well, if you’re using BPA free bottles, like Philips Avent, then you’re ok.  The bottles, as many baby bottles, are made from polypropylene which is safe to heat up.  Just look for the PP on the side or bottom of plastic baby products.  This sterilizer is easy to use and takes just 2 minutes to sanitize bottles and nipples.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer:

Once again, this is a pricey item, but I love it! I received it as a gift from my two best friends and have it every day since I brought my daughter home.  This bouncer is ergonomic by giving gentle yet adequate support to her back, neck and head.  It is super soft and bounces softly with her movements. To find out more visit their website at


The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub:

That is a mouthful! In my opinion, giving a newborn a bath in a bathtub is extremely difficult.  I prefer to bathe my babe in the kitchen sink using this baby tub.  It fits snuggly across the sink and allows me to bathe her at my height.  No kneeling on the hard tile while awkwardly bending over without letting her sink down too far into the water.  This tub has a mesh sling that holds a newborn in place. The sling can be removed for toddlers.  Buy it here!

Ergo Baby Carrier:

This carrier is so wonderful! It has a sun hood to protect your baby’s head.  It is super comfortable to wear, even my husband wears it and likes it.  It is adjustable and can be worn on your front or your back.  There is an infant insert (sold separately) that allows an infant to ride snuggly against you.  The carrier is made of soft material and comes in a variety of colors.  Again, this is a more expensive carrier than others on the market, but I picked mine up at a second hand store.  It was lightly used and included the infant carrier.  It is a little tricky to put on, so I watched this nifty little video to teach me how.  Find out more about the Ergo Baby Carrier here.

Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath Wash, Tear Free, Lavender & Vanilla:

I LOVE this stuff, period! Find it here!


Diaper Basket:

This last item isn’t a product so much as it is a tip. I keep a basket of diaper essentials in our living room.  This ideas was suggested to me by a friend and is one of the best pieces of advice I have received.  Our nursery is on a different floor of the house than where we usually hang out.  So…instead of trekking up and down the stairs each time my daughter needs to be changed, I keep a basket full of diaper essentials next to the couch.  This way, I can changer her on the floor (with a towel underneath in case there’s any accidental mess) and have everything I need right there.

Please feel free to comment below, I would love to hear about any favorite baby tips and tricks you have too! Until next time, cheers!

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