Man Meats Grill with Caleb Metzler: Steak 101

Caleb Schmaelub: Steak 101

Caleb LOVES Steak!  He loves to cook everything from well…steak to blackened chicken alfredo.  When I asked Caleb to start writing some of his favorite recipes down for the blog, he said, “Hold my beer”!  Caleb holds his recipes close to the chest, so when he told me he wanted to do a video for his blogspot, Caleb Schmaelub,  I was excited.  So…here’s his video to teach not only me but all of you about how to cook the perfect steak.

Here’s how to pick out and grill the perfect steak. In this video you’ll find information about what to look for when picking out meat at the market. You’ll hear tips and tricks about how to season and cook a restaurant quality steak. From tools like Steak Champ to help get the perfect temperature to seasoning steaks to get the most flavor packed steak you will ever make!  Join Caleb Schmaelub as he walks you tthrough the kitchen and the grill for the BEST steak this side of the Rockies!

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